A letter from Abber

Dear Antboy,
I see in your About photo that you have bare feet. Is this because you don’t have any shoes? Do you worry about stepping on something sharp? Don’t your feet get cold?
I like to knit. Would you like me to make you some socks?


Dear Abber –

Despite the bare feet in that particular photo (here’s a close-up, so you don’t have to go squint at the about page):

I am pleased to inform you that I do in fact own shoes. Some of them are mountain adventure sandals, which I think are quite attractive! But that picture was taken in Peru, and it was boiling hot that day. I would normally be worried about stepping on sharp things, but I’d been walking around enough in bare feet to build up nice, thick, gnarly calluses so not much could get through.

But it’s funny you should mention socks, as I’m a big fan of them. I would love some nice knitted socks, please.



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